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The EAT TO COMPETE® Membership Web Portal benefits student-athletes, recreational athletes, elite competitive athletes as well as athletic trainers, coaches, and administrators. Any active and health-conscious individual will enjoy the tremendous wealth of sports nutrition knowledge the site provides.

An Essential Training Resource

Assist your team with pre-competition meal plans, recovery foods and fluids, evaluate your daily caloric intake, compare fast food options, or learn how to build lean body mass and lose weight safely and effectively.

All Web Portal content is written and managed by the creators of the nationally recognized EAT TO COMPETE® program that has served over 700 high schools, colleges, and athletic institutions since 1993.

24/7 Online Access

Your student athletes, coaches and staff will receive 24/7 Access to the following resources:

  • Sports Nutrition Library: Your own E-Copy of the Nationally Recognized, EAT TO COMPETE® Manual including all 18 topics with 84 master hand-outs.
  • Sports Nutrition Presentations: 18 topics of Media-Rich Engaging Presentations from the convenience of your PC / tablet etc.
  • Weekly Sports Nutrition Tips / Meal Plans.
  • Bonus: Complimentary E-Sports Nutrition Newsletter sent every few weeks.

How Do I Gain Access to the Membership Portal?

To access to Membership Portal, you need to purchase a Membership. We offer Group Memberships and Individual Memberships.

Group Memberships are designed for Colleges, Universities, Sports Teams, and Clubs. College and University Group Memberships simplify the set-up process by allowing students to register with their student email address.  Your organization's EAT TO COMPETE® Secure Member Area  is only accessible by your students and staff.

Individual Memberships are available for Coaches, Staff and Student Athletes. The EAT TO COMPETE® Secure Member Area is unique to your specific group.

Group Membership Pricing

  • Team Membership:  30 Users for $149.95 per year.
  • School Membership:  Unlimited Users for $395.00 per year. 

Individual Membership Pricing

  • Individual / Student Membership: $49.95 per year.
  • Individual Teacher / Educator's Subscription: $59.95.

Ready to Get Started? Contact Tim directly to set up your Group or Individual Membership:

Call:  610.766.1798

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