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The EAT TO COMPETE® program materials are readily accessible in both print and digital formats. We want to ensure that our learning objectives are easy to deliver, apply, and reinforce among your student athletes. Resources may be purchased separately.

Reproducible Sports Nutrition Manual

ITEM 102M, EAT TO COMPETE® Reproducible Manual

The manual includes 84 reproducible sports nutrition master handouts covering all 18 Topics. You receive the licensing to photocopy and distribute the master handouts for your student-athletes and staff. The handouts provide a wealth of sports nutrition information for your team meetings, camps, and clinics.

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$169.96 -- Save 15% through March 31, 2022

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ITEM 100, EAT TO COMPETE® Online Sports Nutrition Web Portal

For athletes, coaches, parents, health educators! Informative / Engaging / User Friendly - 24 / 7 access from school, home, work, or on-the-road.

Subscription includes the following resources:

  1. Online Sports Nutrition Manual (18 topics/84 master handouts)
  2. Online Weekly Sports Nutrition Tips / Meals


Individual Athlete / Coach / Educator's Subscription: $59.95 / year …. now $39.95 / year  (we accept VISA/MC/AMEX)

To place your order, please contact us at [email protected] or 610-766-1798. All orders are processed manually and securely. Once your order is taken, we will send you a secure password for your complete access to the web portal.

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