Reproducible Sports Nutrition Manual

Empower Athletes with EAT TO COMPETE®

EAT TO COMPETE® is a powerful Sports Nutrition Education and Training program designed by athletes for athletes. Since 1993, we have been a leader in Sports Nutrition Education for student athletes and staff at schools.

Knowledge Improves Performance

The EAT TO COMPETE® program champions the simple premise that increased nutrition knowledge contributes to improved athletic performance. The more you understand sports nutrition fundamentals, the more you stand to improve.

Sports Nutrition Science You Can Use Everyday

We teach your student athletes to practice nutrition awareness by organizing concepts into 18 Topics that are immediately familiar and memorable to student athletes. Everyday meal and snack choices present opportunities for your students to apply sports nutrition science to their training regimen.

Praised by Coaches and ADs

We are consistently praised by Coaches, Athletic Directors and Administrators for engaging students with material that directly relates to the real-life experiences of student athletes. Topics structured around Caffeine, Alcohol, Supplements, Weight Loss, Fast Food, Water Intake, Lean Protein, Dietary Needs, Snacks, Recovery, and Pre-Game Meal Planning empower student athletes to apply sports nutrition best practices to familiar daily routines.

Serving Athletes for 20+ Years

Consistently praised as THE ATHLETE'S SPORTS NUTRITION PROGRAM®, we are an indispensable part of every athlete's training regimen.

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